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A selection of projects.

A bespoke range of solid oak wine holders.

I carve my wine racks from single blocks of green oak. Green oak carries a lot of moisture but when the wood dries, any features like cracks will tend to open out slightly and other detail such as knots will depress. Making the wine rack become an even more interesting and beautiful piece of furniture.

Perfect for storing your reds in.

Above £275.00 below £285.00 including free delivery.

You can also purchase my pieces through my Etsy store.

I have grown a bespoke, multi functional, adaptable range of planter. Suited for residential and commercial environments. Ranging in price from £140.00 to £450.00.


A bespoke bench crafted from solid oak beams.

My inspiration for making this bench came from an appreciation of meditation and practicing mindfulness.

You can see the legs protrude through the surface of the seat top. These can act as a back rest, if lying along the length of the bench. Simple design creating a modernist piece of furniture.

It measures 2.4m long. £725.00 including delivery. It is also listed via my Etsy store.

A selection of my planter range. My planter  ranges in price from £140.00 up to £450.00 dependant on the size of planter required.

My planters are based around four sizes of plastic insert. The plastic inserts use a self watering system, which contains a reservoir of water and a water level indicator. Helping to take the guesswork out of watering.

The inserts sit snuggly into the wooden planter. Placing more inserts side by side will create a longer planter. The size of insert varies. A 22cm, 30cm, 40cm and a 50cm.


The reasons for choosing the self watering system are hugely benifitial, not only for the user but for the plants too.

* Extending the time between watering

* Promotes optimal plant growth

* Making it easier to grow plants side by side that require a different soil type

* Equipped with discreet handles

* Quick and efficient change of display or change of use


The versatility of this design enables a multifunctional use.

* Screening

* Partitioning of areas

* Adaptable for additional seating

* Storage

* Cooling drinks


Two barrier planters measuring approximately 42cm deep, 1.5m wide and 70cm high. £365.00 each.

Three low lying trough planters, made to measure.

These planters measure approximately 26cm deep, 1.2m wide and 50cm high. Using 5 x 22cm self watering inserts.

Two 60cm Square Planters

Two 64cm cubed planters. Each using a 60cm self watering liner. This size is out of my standard range and so had a custom made self watering liner designed and made. £435.00 each.

A 64cm cubed planter.

Using a 60cm self watering liner. £435.00


Please contact me if you would like to go through an idea you may have.


A range of tall barrier planters. Illustrating one of many uses my planters have to offer. The planters act as a barrier to partition off areas. Simply push the planter into position and lock the casters. Easy removal and replacement of a planted insert for one with chilled wine.
The smaller of the two measures approximately 64cm high, 25cm deep and 25cm wide. £166.00.
The larger one 64cm high, 25cm deep and 1.08m wide. £347.00. They all include the self watering system inserts.

Prices shown are a guide. My bespoke pieces are created to order and to your requirements.

All my pieces are made to order, made to measure and are handcrafted by myself.


Please contact me if you wish to make an inquiry.

Kind regards, David.

A bespoke coat hook rack with crome hooks.
Made from a western red cedar beam and finish in a beeswax coating.

All custom designed and made to order.

My planters open up fresh opportunities for creativity and learning.

Inspire others through great design.

Selection of planters
Self watering guage
Tall Wine rack