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My journey

I found inspiration whilst working at a tropical botanical garden in South Miami. I met lots of interesting and lovely plants, as well as meeting some interesting and lovely people.

Whilst living in Miami I became fond of hanging out in a hammock, lazy days at the waters edge, lying on a beach being under a million star hotel, snorkelling the warm and inviting waters and playing lots of tennis. Unforgettable times past.


I also took the opportunity to open my own LLC and held a regular farmers market stall, in our local area, where I started to sell my products. I met an interesting chap who shares similar values and outlook to life. Together we worked out a plan and began taking orders.


I also became a lifelong student of mindfulness. My teacher helped me to understand the technique of paying attention at a given time, in the present moment and in a nonjudgmental way. This experience has deeply shaped both the way I work and how I see life.


I have brought these inspiring times back to hot, humid, Hertfordshire, where at present I live.


I appreciate the benefits of having natural wood and plants around me, they are part of my life. Growing plants destined for my stomach or simply growing plants for my eyes to graze upon is wonderful and fulfilling.

Plants and wood are at the core of my being, I have developed a range of planters that raises the height of the growing area. This enables people across all ages to participate in growing, caring for and enjoying all that plants have to offer.

From this I have developed an adaptable range of modular modular planter. They are suited for residential and commercial environments.


The act of growing brings a level of tranquility, inside as well as outside. All helping to relax the mind, and body.


I would like to open the gardening experience up to all. If space is the issue, time, physical restrictions or simply aesthetics. Together, you and I can find a solution that meets your requirements. Raising the gardening experience enables easier access for all.


Whether the plants are visually attractive, practical or have pleasant aromas, they bring life into an otherwise empty area. My planters help achieve this with a modernist, simplistic, modular approach.


I also offer and have developed customisable table designs, bench designs, bespoke wine racks and other pieces.


Relax your mind and your body will follow.

Oak Bench